Types of Scorpions

Types of scorpions

Scorpion Species Index

  • Scorpion Species
    From the approximately 1,750 species of scorpions identified to date, only about 25 are lethal to people. There are thirteen families that group all these species and each one have different taxonomic genres according to their characteristics.
  • Arizona Bark Scorpion – Centruroides sculpturatus
    It belongs to the Buthidae family, one of the most dangerous. With just 8 cm in length, this scorpion makes quick and stealthy moves to attack or defend himself, besides producing a poison with high levels of toxicity.
  • Deathstalker Scorpion – Leiurus quinquestriatus
    Just reading its name, is a warning to keep the distance. This small yellow arachnid feared in Africa, and the Middle East is regarded the most dangerous species as it produces a deadly poison with neurotoxic substances.
  • Emperor Scorpion – Pandinus imperator
    It is the largest species that reach a length up to 20 cm, and its coloration is black and bright, something that gives a very frightening appearance; However, it is not a dangerous species, and its venom has molecules that can cure some diseases.
  • Fattail Scorpion – Androctonus
    This scorpion is very resistant to high temperatures and has an aggressive behavior. It has a thick tail that injects a potent venom that quickly attacks the central nervous system.


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